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  • Home Inspection

    A home inspection is an inspection and written evaluation of a structure and components of a residential building.

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Our services at a glance
  • Sewer Scan

    Lateral sewer scan: A camera is passed through the sewer lateral from the house to the city sanitary sewer.

  • Home Inspection

    A home inspection: Is an inspection and written evaluation of a structure and these components of a residential building

  • Fannie May Homestyle

    Fannie May Homestyle This is the conventional loan for Rehabilitation projects and has no maximum limit. 

  • Pest Inspection

    Wood destroying Pest inspection: Evaluation of the home for the presence f wood destroying insects, (Termites, Carpenter ants), or damage that has been caused by these organisms.

  • 203K FHA

    203K: This product is backed by the FHA, and has a limit of $250,000.  The project must meet FHA requirements,

  • Thermal Imaging

    A Flir InfraRed camera is used to detect thermal anomalies in a structure that may indicate water leaking, poor insulation, and heat loss.

What our clients have to say

  • Jeff is an experienced professional who does a complete inspection from top to bottom. He knows his business and doesn’t take short cuts. Prompt and easy to work with!

    David P.
  • Inside Out knows what to look for when buying or selling a house. They are experts and go above and beyond to serve their customers.

    Josh W.
  • My husband and I used Jeff to do a pre-inspection before we bought our first house. He was able to fit us into his schedule very quickly, and he did a very thorough job!

    Cecelia C.


Experience You Can Trust

Jeff has been working for more than 10 years inspecting houses and light commercial properties. He is a licensed home inspector in SD and has performed more than 1500 inspections. Jeff started off inspecting part time in 2009 and rolled over to full time in Feb or 2013. He is certified to perform inspections, Wood destroying pest inspections, Radon testing and inspects sewer laterals.